Noise-script with Theremidi Orchestra EN

Noise-script with Theremidi Orchestra
Workshop in DIY electronics with visual scores for experimental sound art
& Live Performances 
21 – 23 December 2015 | at ARTos Foundation

In the framework of the 7th X-Dream Festival.

‘How to make a Theremidi Orchestra?’ is a series of workshops initiated by Theremidi Orchestra, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, aimed at bringing together people from a wide range of fields in a several-day-long workshop to explore the beauty and the hums of DIY electronics and to create a social situation where communication is possible with non-verbal tools. Noise-script with Theremidi Orchestra is aimed at learning how to play atonal music in a group with the help of visual tools. To help the participants in playing, they will create an audio-visual piece as a cue for their sound creation. The inspiration for the workshop comes from a classic score for experimental sound art: the Cornelius Cardew Treatise and other examples of early visual scores. Visual Music is a method using visual structures in music and musical structures in visual patterns. Noise-script poses a question of what to do with visual music in the post-digital context, when it is essential to connect the physical space with digital and analogue technologies.

Anyone! This workshop is suitable for all women and men who are interested in electronics, DIY processes, hacking, noise and experimental sound art, media art, and all those great things we can do with sound and visual language. No previous knowledge is needed, just curious ears, eyes, and fingers. You may have never held a soldering iron in your hands and we will teach you how to master it. You may wield your iron every day and you will still have lots of fun. Workshop participation is free of charge.

Participants may choose from four analogue electronic circuits: Theremini 4011, MicroNoise, TouchTone and Super-in-Low.

Workshop: 21 - 23 December 2015, from 5 to 9 p.m.
Live Performances: 23 December 2015, at 8 p.m.

Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory

Theremidi Orchestra (Luka Frelih, Ida Hiršenfelder, Dare Pejić, Robertina Šebjanič, Dušan Zidar)

The number of participants is limited. Maximum of 10 participants (men and women).
To register please contact us at 22 445 456 or info@artosfounation.org 




DAY 1: DIY electronic music instrument: The participants will learn how to solder an electronic circuit board for a DIY music instrument. They will get some basic knowledge of the functions of electronic elements, and basic functions in an analogue logic chip. They will build one or more DIY music instruments from Theremidi Orchestra kit collection (TouchTone, feedback loop touch amplifier Theremini 4011, mini theremin MicroNoise, oscillator Super-in-Low, low frequency oscillator).

DAY 2: Visual score: Participants will get to know how to control their sound devices. They will learn the basics of experimental sound art composition, musical range, sound manipulation, and explore some historic references. In the second part of the workshop, they will draw an associative visual score for 12 minute sound improvisation and convert it to a simple video tool.

DAY 3: Rehearsals and live performances: Participants will dedicate their time to playing together. At the end of day three they will present their composition in a public performance followed by a composition of Theremidi Orchestra and a local sound artist, who will be announced shortly. The show will be audio recorded for post-production.

Video: Theremidi Orchestra will edit and publish the audio-visual work. Please refer to a past result of a similar workshop (Marmalade | Noisescript with Theremidi Orchestra).

Theremidi Orchestra (TO) is an audio-visual DIY community initiated by participants (men and women) of the Theremini and Teremidi Physical Interface Workshop , organised by Ljudmila – Ljubljana Digital Media Lab in May 2011. Rather than a subject, TO is a verb, an ongoing workshop of noise and drone production.

This hands-on electro noise ensemble exists in the present continuous, while referring to the history of electronic music. TO has a DIY/DIWO approach in making music and sound experiments, developing its own instruments based on open-source electronic circuits. Currently TO consists of nine active members (Dušan Zidar, Ida Hiršenfelder, Dare Pejić, Luka Frelih, Tina Dolinšek, Robertina Šebjanič, Tilen Sepić, Simon Bergoč and Saša Spačal.), coming from different professional backgrounds from visual arts, media art, electronics and humanities. 

Theremidi Orchestra is a process of mutual understanding and solving problems in a horizontal manner. The process of production involves experimenting with sound outputs, mutual composition of music scores, shared responsibilities for individual parts of the process, etc. Thus far, the orchestra performed, exhibited and held workshops at over thirty festivals and exhibitions mostly in Europe e.g. Piksel Festival in Bergen Norway; LiWoLi Festival in Linz, Austria; PoolLoop in Zürich, Switzerland; U3: Triennial of Contemporary Art, Museum of Contemporary Art in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and also in US at CTSWaM & Eyebeam, New York, and @Share, New York, to name just a few. In 2013 TO published 4011 EP for Trivia Records independent label, and in 2015 soundtrack for Vitanje in Space: Sunita | Noordung Orbit documentary film.

Link: http://wiki.ljudmila.org/Theremidi_Orchestra

Photos by Tilen Sepič

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