Echoes from Berlin_EN

Echoes from Berlin: 2 audiovisual performances 
9 December 2015 at 20:30
at ARTos Foundation

Within the framework of the 7th X-Dream Festival

ARTos Foundation in collaboration with Moving Silence and Goethe Institute, and with the support of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Embassy of Mexico in Germany present “Echoes from Berlin” an evening of audiovisual performances by the Berlin based musicians DE KJ (oqko, Mexico - Germany) and Chikiss (Russia – Germany), which will take place on the 9th December at 20:30, at ARTos Foundation.

‘Ontic’, by DE KJ (oqko)
ontic is an audiovisual study of the relationship between nature and structure; the acquired concept of “environment” and how it’s preservation extends further than the physical medium. 

Through the intervention of abandoned spaces and structures by the use of natural sources, the project aims to question the influence of the political in the social, therefore, our presuppositions towards actual fake sense of consciousness. ontic is based on video recordings of natural places, projected in abandoned buildings. The sound source works as part of the actual score, while the venue where the piece is presented works as a performance and a screening; through modulating the actual sound of the venue and the one from the actual video recordings. 

The footage itself is part of an archive conformed by different analysis for this dialogue between apparent opposite scenarios.

Created in 2015, oqko defines itself as an interdisciplinary label for music and arts, driven by the need to develop an identity, incubating a diversity of approaches between the club culture and fine arts. The vision of oqko focuses on promoting both organic and hybrid experimentation towards our time. A common root that grounds the plurality of today’s formats.


‘Chikiss’, by Chikiss
On this evening, the “Chikiss” performance will present an intimate program in minimal synth sound with video projections created by the artist. 

Chikiss is a singer, song-writer and musician from Saint-Petersburg, Russia and since recently, based in Berlin. One of the most productive and versatile artists on nowadays’ Russian electronic scene, alone and in collaborations; she has collaborated and made remixes for plenty of musicians and artists such as Ensemble Economique, Jenny Wilson, Milky Toad, Sun Glitters, Barbara Morgenstern, Arsenii Morozov (Sonic Death, Padla Bear Outfit.) and many more. Chikiss has played in numerous bands and acted in many international festivals and clubs, while also having curated the Russian-Ukrainian female electronic compilation “She Knows More Than She Thinks” on the cult Californian label NOT NOT FUN. Surviving the various metamorphoses, she's confidently moving in the vanguard direction of a new Russian electro-indie scene. 


Free admission

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