Moving Silence | 7th X-Dream Festival

Programme of Performances:
Lefteris Moumtzis - "Caviar Dreams"
by Daniel Levi, ZA 2015, 4min

Nektarios Rodosthenous and Stephanos Koutelis - "Everything I Can See From Here" 
by Sam Taylor & Bjorn-Erik Aschim, UK 2013, 7min

Kyriaki Iacovidou and Ergo Sum Children Choir - "97%"
 by Ben Brand, NL 2013, 8min

Vangelino Currentzis - “Neighbours”
 by Norman McLaren", CA 1952, 8min

Galya Chikiss - “Wire Cutters” 
by Jack Anderson, USA 2014, 9min

Andreas Moustoukis - “Out of Nowhere" 
by Maayan Tzuriel & Isca Mayo, IR 2012, 6min

Tasos Stylianou - “Wehende Bäume"
by Andreas Koch, DE 2015, 4min

Nefeli Kentoni - “Hourse d’oeuvre” 
by Monica Menez, DE 2010, 4min

DE KJ - “Achtung, die Achtung” 
 by Michael Brynntrup, DE 2001, 13min

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