Poetry of the Hills

Poetry of the Hills, by Mr. Benoy K.Behl
Film Screening
2 April 2015

The film ‘Poetry of the Hills’ produced by Benoy K. Behl, is based on the miniature paintings of Kangra, a small district located in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh on the foot-hills of the Himalayan mountain range. The world of Kangra paintings is one of tenderness and love.  It is the spirit of “Bhakti”- devotion, the ecstatic joy of adoration of the supreme joy of the giving of oneself in the love of God which pervades the entire world of these paintings.  After many centuries the paintings of Kangra take us back to the sense of the tender and compassionate world created by the paintings of Ajanta.

Benoy K. Behl:
Benoy K. Behl is a well known photographer and film maker who has made over 100 documentary films and taken over 35000 photographs covering India’s cultural and architectural heritage stretching over two millennia.  He has taken photographs of historic monuments and ancient Buddhist paintings in India and has published in international magazines like the National Geographic. 

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