German MuVi Award 2014 (Running time 63’)
 ARTos: 14 May 2015 / TECHNO.POLIS 20: 5 June 2015 / Pierides Museum: 8 June 2015
This programme gathers together all the works nominated for the 2014 German Music Video Award, supplemented by three artistically outstanding international videos.

Carmin (AURAT)
Germany 2013, 3'30'', by Markus Frohnhöfer

Cream Theme (Mouse on Mars)
Germany 2014, 3', by Zeitguised
Synopsis: Escapism is freedom if claimed by a subject - it cannot be consumed. 

Der Investor (Die Goldenen Zitronen)
Germany 2013, 4', by Ted Gaier / Katharina Duve / Timo Schierhorn

Easy Or Not (Tim Neuhaus ft. Kat Frankie)
Germany 2013, 4', by Dietrich Brüggemann
Synopsis: Two people fight for space in one sweater. 

Einundzwanzig (Jan Roth)
Germany 2013, 4', by Martin Eichhorn / Daniel Spindler

Giddy (Perera Elsewhere ft. Gonjasufi)
Germany 2013, 4', by Pussykrew

Live Young (Diamond Version)
Germany 2013, 3'30'', by Diamond Version-TV

No Lesson Learned (Mary Ocher)
Germany 2013, 2'30'', by Mary Ocher / Tom Plate

Terror of the District (Beisspony)
Germany 2014, 5'30'', by Stephanie Müller

Transcendental Animal Numbers (Jan St. Werner)
Germany 2013, 5'30'', by Jan St. Werner

UNSERHAUS for the New Era (Masahiro Miwa)
Germany 2014, 5', by Noriyuki Kimura
Synopsis: The New Era is music automatically generated by an algorithmic composition by Masahiro Miwa.

Verstrahlt (Dagobert)
Germany 2013, 3'30'', by Klaus Lemke

MOUTHMAN (Herrmutt Lobby)
Belgium 2014, 2'30'', by Antonin de Bemels

Autour du lac (Carl & les hommes-boîtes)
Belgium 2013, 5', by Noémie Marsily / Carl Roosens

Chorus (Holly Herndon)
USA 2014, 6'30'', by Akihiko Taniguchi

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