Yiannis Christofides | Moving Silence

Born in Nicosia, Cyprus, Yiannis Christofides is a composer, sound artist and researcher. His work focuses on contextual aspects of auditory experience and the specificities which produce them, through the investigation of our embodied entanglement with place. Led by a trans-sensorial, multimodal account of the body, his work integrates different media and creative practices and may take the form of fixed media audio, installation pieces and multimedia works. Yiannis has worked internationally as a composer and sound designer in various film, theatre and art projects. His work has been presented in Europe and the US.

Yiannis Christofides will be performing to the film  "Last Day of the Republic" (2010) by Reynold Reynolds on Friday 14 December.Composer: Yiannis Christofides
Text: Andreas Vrahimis
Narrator: Kyriakos Efthymiou 

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