Shingo Inao | Moving Silence

Courtesy of transmediale.10
Japanese artist Shingo Inao (a.k.a. "stra.") performs live with a sonification of body movement using sensor-driven techniques using his self-made instruments with tilt and distance sensors. His performances and objects&installations have been shown in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Russia, America and Japan. His first album as solo project "stra." will be released in 2013. Represented by music label "onpa" Tokyo and Gallery Mario Mazzoli Berlin. www.shingoinao.com

Shingo Inao will  be performing on Friday 14 December to the films "Buscam No.2" (2001) by Matthias Fritsch and "A ras de suelo" (2010) by Amanda Lopez.  

On Saturday 15 December he will be performing with his instrument Qgo.

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