Trio Levante | 8 June 2015

A tribute to the composers P. Tountas, D. Semsis and G. Dragatsis
By Trio Levante
8 of June 2015, at 20:30
at ARTos Foundation

ARTos Foundation and "Trio Levante" (Petros Kouloumis, Pavlos Michaelides, Pantelis Ionas) invite you to an  exceptional  and special Tribute to the Asia Minor Composers Panayiotis Tountas, Demetrios Semsis ('Salonikios') and Giannis Dragatsis ('Ogdontakis'), who laid the foundations for  the evolution of urban folk music. The event will take place on Monday, 8 June 2015, at 20:30, at ARTos Foundation, within the framework of the 7th X-Dream Festival.

Trio Levante Biography
Trio Levante was formed in November 2014 by the musicians Petros Kouloumis (vocals; lute), Pavlos Michaelides (violin; vocals) and Pantelis Ionas (banjo; guitar; oud; vocals). It has been a number of years now that all three musicians are devoted to smyrneiko and Greek pre-war rebetiko, by taking part in various other music bands. Out of love and admiration for the great legacy of the Smyrna school of Rebetiko, Petros, Pavlos and Pantelis aim at a further exploration of this music period; hence they start from the most precise approximation of the old sound and singing performance, as well as the simplicity of musical instruments in the music recorded by the great masters of the period. The aim is for the audience to get in touch with the music variety, the composers and the music performers of the time, via the purity, authenticity and expressive honesty advocated by Trio Levante. 
After 3 successful performances dedicated to Panayiotis Tountas, Trio Levante continue with a number of performances with songs written and performed by the composers Dimitris Semsis (Salonikios) and Yannis Dragatsis (Ogdontakis).

Panagiotis Toundas (1886-1942), Dimitris Semsis (1883-1950), Giannis Dragatsis (1885-1958)
Panagiotis Toundas, Dimitris Semsis and Giannis Dragatsis are three of the most important composers of Asia Minor. They settled in Greece, after the Asia Minor catastrophe, at the same time with several foreign record labels. The three of them undertook the positions of repertoire managers which resulted to the recordings of all the early “rebetika” songs of Smyrna and Constantinople, but also to the emergence of new singers, orchestras and musicians, who in collaboration with local musicians set the scene in production and laid the foundations for the development of urban popular music.

Monday, 8 June 2015, at 20:30, at ARTos Foundation.
Within the framework of the 7th X-Dream Festival
Entrance Fee: €10
Tickets Pre-sale/Reservations: 99 327187

For more information contact us at 99 327187 or via email at petroslazarou@gmail.com

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