CARTOGRAPHY OF TRANSITIONS | Transitory Research Symposium | 23-24 May 2014

The Transitory Research Symposium is a two day gathering of artists, theorists and cultural activists participating in the first two years of the T.R.I.B.E. – Transitory Research/ Residency Initiative of the Balkans and Eastern Europe network.

Addressing the topic Cartographies of Transition, the symposium will evolve around four main topics: Defining transitory art, Cartographies of sound, Tools for civil disobedience and Mapping spaces. These four topics address the main aspects of transitory art in relation to the art works produced during the first two years, while simultaneously providing a philosophical and critical context for the understanding of transitory art.

Transitory art is art responding to times and spaces of transition. Its production and representation are directly reflecting discontinuities, ruptures, and uncertainties, symbolic of the present times.  It does so by defying borders, by developing tools with which to address these problems, by deconstructing and reconstructing mediums as well as ideas, by transforming creative processes, by inventing contexts, by educating, and reversing, by invading spaces and inventing languages. Cartography of Transitions will attempt to map these strategies, and provide a framework for the understanding of transitory art.

Responding to the four main topics, the symposium will consist of internal work sessions and the evening public program. As a parallel to the symposium, YKON will lead an YKON Game workshop, to which the public is invited.

Jean-Baptiste Naudy / Societe Realiste (FR), Nuria Guell (ES), Kevin Bartoli / ArtKIllArt (FR), Sabin Bors / Anti-Utopias (RO), Jan Vormann (DE), Matteo Marangoni / iii initiative (IT),  Martin Bricelj Baraga (SI), Luka Zagoričnik (SI),
Blaž Kosovel (SI), Pekko Koskinen / YKON, Reality Research Institute (FI), Agnieszka Pokrywka / YKON (FI), Phillip Baldwin (US), Marina Hadjilouca (CY), Marcos Polydorou (CY), Evi Tselika (CY).

Programmed by: Neja Tomšič
Co-Curated by: Achilleas Kentonis, Martin Bricelj Baraga

Producer: ARTos Foundation, MoTA – Museum of Transitory Art

Supported by the Culture Programme (2007-2013) of the European Union

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