Toni Kater (Anett Ecklebe) | Moving Silence

Photographer: Bobby Good
Anett Ecklebe as Toni Kater is a singer-songwriter, composer and writer living and working in Berlin. Anett has been performing since 1996 under the name Toni Kater, and despite her love-hate relationship with the city, it will always be home base. She has released three albums already and about to add one more. She has written music for film as well as for advertising and contributed to various music and film productions.

Toni Kater is a storyteller which is not only expressed in her music. 2011 her first tale Graf Rudi was published which underlines her intentional use of language – in both a poetic yet humorous way. Her lyrics and sound are held together by a raw and honest voice. Her work she always sees as part of process and progress where an experimental sound meets a more classical one. As influences on her music she names Cat Power, Susanne Vega as well as Depeche Mode and Björk.

“Magical and melancholic, petite tomboy Toni Kater that is fresh and authentic live where rhythmic purism is entangled with a gesture of intimacy and independence. “
(Almut Behl, Kieler Nachrichten: 5/12)

“Inner conflict and longing are present in her songs without them being cliché.“
(Tip Berlin, 12.1.2012)

Toni Kater will be performing at the Moving Silence event, taking place on the 6th of December 2013 at 20:30 in collaboration with the Goethe Institut Cyprus

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