Sculpture & 3D Digital Sculpture Workshops

Sculpture & 3D Digital Sculpture Workshops
5 & 6 November 2016
at ARTos Foundation

Within the framework of the 8th X-Dream Festival.

ARTos Foundation in collaboration with the Art/European Animation Center and the Career Office of the Athens School of Fine Arts and with the support of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture and The International Motion Festival of the European University Cyprus, organise two two-day-long workshops for all those who would like to enrich their knowledge and skills in modern digital media and the respective software, in order to apply this gained knowledge in their professional practice and creative self-expression.

There are three workshops available, out of which only the two most popular will take place.

The workshops are taking place within the framework of the 8th X-Dream Festival.

Language: Greek

Cost: The cost of the workshops is 120 euros, but they will be offered at the special price of 55 euros per workshop.

Materials: 25 euros extra charge for the workshop “Sculpture with polymer clay”. The participants will be able to keep the materials.

For registrations please contact us at 22 445 456 or info@artosfoundation.org

Sculpture with polymer clay
During the workshop, the participants will learn how to construct a face with polymer clay as well as the basics of anatomy. Polymeric clay has many conveniences and special properties, and can be used to create sculptures of striking detail. It can perfectly convey organic forms, as realistic as silicone constructed sculptures. Finally, the participants will use silicone to create a mold and they will use molding plaster.

- Armature Construction.
-Creating the first shapes.
-Working techniques and solutions for polymer clay.
-Baking clay.
-Silicone mold.
-Molding plaster.

Instructor: Orestis Symvoulidis
Duration: 9 hours
Number of participants: 3 -7 people
Materials: polymeric clay, silicone, plaster

Digital Sculpture (2 workshops)
Digital sculpture is the simulation of the classic sculpture process through 3D design programs. Knowledge of the program that the artist will be working with and the traditional drawing principles are combined in order to create the fore-wanted final visual outcome. zbrush is the most widespread digital sculpting program and the most powerful, since it has prevailed in the global market. In this course the participant will be taught the basic principles of the program and will also learn how to effectively create a digital sculpture capable of being used in an animation film, as character design or illustration in a hypothetical magazine cover.

* The two digital sculpture workshops offered, vary in their thematic, as one will focus mostly on introducing the program, whilst the other one will focus in sculpture and the creation of a face and getting to know basic program tools.

A. Digital sculpture – Human face Creation.

-Introduction to the program (interface).
-Basic Sculpture tools.
-Sculpting Basic shapes.
-Topology: Basic rules and solutions.
-Constructing a face. Basic shapes.
-Working with the program’s anatomical model.
-Working with more than one ztools.
-Exporting for 3D printing.
-Rendering and exporting for creating 2D graphic image.
-Finalizing in Photoshop.

Instructor: Orestis Symvoulidis
Duration: 9 hours
Number of participants: 3 - 15 people
Programs: Zbrush, Photoshop.

B. Digital sculpture

-Introduction to the program.
-Getting to know the interface.
-Presentation of basic tools.
-Presentation basic functions.
-3D object and topology.
-Sculpting process.
-Extra Functions.
-Passes and Render.
-Export and Compositing.

Instructor: Orestis Symvoulidis
Duration: 9 hours
Number of participants: 3 - 15 people
Programs: Zbrush, Photoshop. 

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