Synesthetic Re-action | 8th X-Dream Festival

Synesthetic Re-action
7 July 2016, at 21:00
at ARTos Foundation

Within the framework of the 8th X-dream Festival

"I feel what I sing and I sing what I feel, I see what I hear and I hear what I see.
I cut it out and I glue it together. I look behind and I tell you about.
With my way on my papers and in my hands I sing it for you.
I grease it in to my paintings, so my sound will remain.
I scream it out loud with my tinder quiet voice. I keep it together - this is what I am.

The pen on my paper keeps me warm.
The yarn of my life is my shelter.
In the shape of the red coloured 8 I ́ll remain forever and ever."

ARTos Foundation presents Synesthetic Re-action, a visual and music performance of the work developed during a 1 week-long Artist Residency by the artist, musician, composer and thinker Ida-Marie Corell (DE), at ARTos Foundation, Nicosia, Cyprus. The performance will be based on a process of collection and documentation of found local materials and footage and the production of a music composition and a costume made out of found "local" plastic foils and other materials. Synesthetic Re-action is taking place on the 7th July 2016, at 21:00, at ARTos Foundation, within the framework of the 8th X-Dream Festival and with the support of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture.  

In times of global mass production, consumption, global trash and technical reproduction, the artist’s work provides an access to offline, analogue, synesthetic and, therefore, rare and live experiences. Each performance, recording, concert and exhibition is unique, as it is never repeated.

A few words about Ida-Marie Corell:
Dr. Ida-Marie Corell is working at the intersection of music, art and knowledge transfer. In her interdisciplinary work she works with themes like mass consumerism, identity, synaesthesia, emotion, plastic, plastic bags and aesthesis. Her dissertation "the phenomenology of the plastic bags" won the publishing grant "edition angewandte" of the University of the Applied Arts Vienna and was published in 2011 titled "Alltagsobjekt Plastikt├╝te" at Springer Wien New York Verlag. Her 2nd book "The artist is resident" won the publishing grant "Florian und Ursula Werner" and the Kunsthalle Arlberg 1800 Art Award 2013. 

Among others Corell exhibited and/or performed at Biennale di Venezia Italy, Athens Biennale, Museum of Art and Design Winthertur Switzerland, MUDAC Lausanne Switzerland, MAK Vienna, KUVA Leonding, Kunstahlle Arlberg 1800, Marshtall Tent Oktoberfest Munich, Piano City Milano, AUB Beirut Lebanon, DeAppel Amsterdam, Generali Foundation Vienna, Gallery Weekend Berlin, Frieze London etc.

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