Theatre Perfomance “Viciousness in the Kitchen”

Based on Sylvia Plath’ s radio-play “Three Women, a poem for three voices”

In the framework of the 3rd X-Dream Festival, the ODC Ensemble presents its new work “Viciousness in the Kitchen” at the ARTos Foundation on the 14 and 15 December 2011 at 20:30.  Because the turn to poetry is necessary today, the work of Sylvia Plath “Three women, a poem for three voices”, became the starting point for director Elli Papakonstantinou to set up an unpredictable performance in a… kitchen.  There, where the most critical episodes of the life of the poet unraveled, the performers Maria Panourgia, Andrian Frieling and Valia Papachristou cook dinner for the audience, while moving in the frenetic expressionistic world of Plath. 

“Three Women” is a radio-play for three voices by Sylvia Plath. Each voice is a different aspect of the feminine. The first woman feels complete through birth, the second has a miscarriage and the third one gives birth to a child and then abandons it.  In “Three Women”, Sylvia Plath not only speaks about pregnancy, birth and death but also about those moments in one’s life, when reality is distorted and fantasy merges into a terrifying amalgam. It’s about feeling vulnerable and it’s about the internal, the uncontrollable transformation into something yet unknown. Fears and dangers, life and death.

This performance sprung out of a feeling of displacement. Recent political situation in Greece, anger and oppression forces us to reconsider theatre and to invent a new narrative that would transcend traditional theatrical codes: a narrative that succeeds to speak of the unspeakable changes that take place in ourselves and in our society.

The radio-play is the starting point for a performance of one musician and three performers (two women and two men).  It is rather a visual arts performance, since the group worked with very specific visual references and since performance takes place within an installation.  At the same time it is a musical performance, a live concert with the musician composing ad hoc sound-scapes that are interwoven dynamically with the spoken word, or music for performers to dance. This sound installation takes place within a space that is “trapped” with sensors that give performers the chance to interfere with the composition. It all adds up to a live concert!

But, maybe, it’s just an invitation to dinner. The whole performance takes place in a kitchen where Plath’s most crucial episodes of life took place, including her suicide. So, at the base of this event there is a very simple action: dinning. The performers cook for their audience while acting out Plath’s dangerous games. At the end, they serve and join audience for dinner. Now, is this theatre or an invitation to dinner?

Director: Elli Papakonstantinou
Music: Lampros Pigounis
Set: Telis Karananos, Alexandra Siafkou
Choreographer: Amalia Bennet
Performers: Adrian Freiling, Maria Panourgia, Valia Papachristou, Lampros Pigounis
Production: ODC

It has received acclaimed reviews:

“Totally mad and mesmerizing... See it to believe it”.
The Guardian

“An outstanding performance with a truly interesting and refreshing approach to the ancient Greek text” 

“A mixture of theatre and music, a show that cannot be unnoticed” 

Performances: Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 December 2011 at 20:30
Language: Greek
Tickets: €12
Reservations: 22 445 455

ODC Ensemble
Formed in 2001, ODC Ensemble is a registered charity company based in Athens. It is a creative team of outstanding performers, dancers, musicians and visual artists. This cross-cultural and inter-disciplinary group is constantly evolving with a core of Greek performers, collaborating with artists from Britain, Germany and France.

Through their work, they aim to develop cultural exchange between artists from diverse backgrounds and are always looking to expand their reach to new regions. They believe in the need for ongoing experimentation in theatre and are in search of a new theatrical language that will transcend linguistic barriers, exploring notions of storytelling, musicality in the framework of an ensemble.

ODC Ensemble’s work has been presented at the Edinburgh Festival, the LAMAMA theatre, NY, the International Festival of Experimental Theatre in Cairo, The International Festival of Ancient Drama in Delphi, the Princeton University, the Opera House of Cairo, the National Theatre of Greece, the inauguration Ceremony of the Library of Alexandria etc.

Elli Papakonstantinou is a theatre director based in Athens.  After studying at the Greek National School of Arts, she moved in the UK in order to continue her studies on playwriting and directing (credited an MA at the Royal Holloway, University of London).

She has collaborated with playwrights of the Royal Court Sarah Kane and Tammantha Hammershlag for the development of new plays.  As a director she has presented her work at various institutions such as the National Theatre of Greece, the Royal Court theatre in London, the Theatre Technis, the International Institute of Theatre, iTi, the Princeton University, the Chashama Theatre, N. York, Broadway Avenue and at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.  Also, in international festivals such as the Edinburgh Festival, the XIV International Meeting of Ancient Drama, European Cultural Centre of Delphi, the “International Festival of Experimental Theatre in Cairo”, “Homereia”, Xios, “Αeschyleia”, Eleusina, etc.

She has also been invited to teach among other institutions at the University of London (Royal Holloway), the Department of Theater Studies of the University of Peloponnesus, the Summer Academy of the National Theatre of Greece and the University of Princeton as a fellow professor at the Music &
Advanced Media Lab.
She has been awarded with a “Fulbright Artist’s Award 2004-2005 for her overall artistic work and with a «Stanley J. Seeger Visiting Fellowship» at the Music & Advanced Media Lab of the Princeton University. Finally, she has been awarded with a 1st Prize of the Edinburgh Festival 1997.
In 2001 she founded the artistic company “ODC Ensemble”.  She is a member of the International Institute of Theatre, iTi

She has directed:
For the theatre:
• The Outcry by Tenessee Williams, National Theatre of Patras, Greece 2011.
• Sous l’’oiel d’’ Oedipe, by Joel Jouanneau International Institute of Theatre, iTi, April 2010, Forum for Contemporary Dramaturgy, 2010.
• Viciousness in the kitchen, site-specific performance based on the radio play Three women by Sylvia Plath, “Sunergeio Theatre” and “6 D.O.G.S” 2010.
• From AlphaΑ to ΩOmega. Musical performance with singer Tania Tsanaklidou and Blaine Reininger of the wellknown group ‘Tuxedomoon” and others, “Gyalino Mousiko Theatre” and big scale tour in Greece, 2010.
• The Country, by M. Crimp. Theatre Kappa 2009.
• ODC (Homer’s Odyssey) a physical challenge to narrate musically the whole of the Odyssey.  Presented at “ XIV International Meeting of Ancient Drama, European Cultural Centre of Delphi”, “Homereia”, Xios, “Αeschyleia”, Eleusina, “International Festival of Experimental Theatre in Cairo”, “Alekton theatre”, etc.
• The sound of gun, by L. Anagnostaki, “Theatre 104, Athens” 2008.
• «Lettre aux jeunes acteurs, by O. Py, International Institute of Theatre, iTi, Forum for Contemporary Dramaturgy, 2008
• A night of secrets by A. Dimou, “The National Theatre of Greece”, Athens 2007.
• Faith by K. Robin, Theatre Emporikon, Athens 2005.
• The Mysterious Mr. Love by C. Leich, “Theatre Ilisia Volanikis”, Athens 2004 and “Theatre Kalamarias”, Thessaloniki 2005.
• They’re playing our song, by N. Simon. Theatre «Ιlisia-Volanakis» 2006.Theatre «Egnatia» 2006.
• Destiny by A. Dimou, “Theatre Technis”, Athens 2004 and “Theatre Neou Kosmou” 2005.
• Streams of Voices. National Theatre of Greece, 4th Summer Academy 2003.
• The iron, by R. Munro, “Aplo Theatre”, Athens 2003.
• ODC…After Homer, based on Homer’s Odyssey, prod. By the Greek Ministry of Culture and the Arts Council, U.K. Performed at: Opera of Cairo ,«Edinburgh Festival 2002», Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Inauguration Ceremony, Princeton University, Chashama Theatre, N. York, Broadway Avenue.
• The Suppliants after Aeschylus after Kossovo, by T. Hammershlag (The Lion King Theater, “Edinburgh Festival 1999”, THE GILDED BALLOON 1999. Produced by “The Arts Council”.
• Ajax by Sophocles, Jermyn Street Theater, West End, London 1998.
• Nine Lives, Ten Tales by L. Warren, BAC Theater, London 1998 and “Edinburgh Festival 1997”.
• The Decameron of Women by J. Vosnezeskaya, “Theatre IVI”, Athens 2000.

Adrian Frieling was born in Hamburg, Germany. He studied »Applied Cultural Science« ( - fine arts, literature and theatre, in theory and praxis [acting, dramaturgy, directing]) at University of Hildesheim, Germany.  As a basic member of the German theatre-company »THEATER MAHAGONI« (Ηannover, Βerlin) he participated in 25 theatre-productions (1992-2000). The Plays were shown on Festivals in Berlin, Cologne, Basel, Leipzig, Hannover, Antwerp, »IMPULSE«-Festival, »KAMPNAGEL« and others.
In 1995 he started to work also in Athens. The most known productions were:
»Althusser Rock«, 1995, by »THEATER MAHAGONI«, director: Albrecht Hirche, Michael Marmarinos (Athens, Berlin, Paris, Angouléme, Oldenburg, Hannover, Leipzig, Festival «Manöver»)
»Electra« (Sophokles, role: »Pylades«), 1998, director: Michael Marmarinos («Athens Festival», Epidauros, Thessaloniki).
»Bad Actors«, 1999, by »THEATER MAHAGONI« (Athens, Berlin, Hannover, Festivals in Hannover, «Euroszene» (Leipzig), «TRANSEUROPA» (Hildesheim), First Price of F estival »IMPULSE«.
»Clytemnestra«, 2000, by Αndreas Staikos, directed by Adrian Frieling (Thessaloniki, Athens)
»FASSBINDER ...harder! ...faster! ...more!«, 2003, written and directed by Adrian F rieling, (Athens, Bremen)
»Dying as a Country« by Dimitris Dimitriadis, 2007/8, director: Michael Marmarinos. («Athens Festival», «Kunstenfestival» Bruxelles,«Wiener Festwochen» Vienna, «Dramatyczny» Warsaw, «Festival d’Automne» Paris)

Amalia Bennett graduated from the Laban Centre of Movement and Dance in London.  Since 1993 she has collaborated as a choreographer and dancer with “Οκτανα Dance Theatre”, the National Theatre of Northern Greece, Dance Theatre and the National Theatre in Athens. She works as a freelance choreographer for the theatre in the National Theatre in Thessaloniki and Athens. She has also collaborated as a choreographer with director Nikita Milivoyevitch in Bitef Theatre, Belgrade, Richstheater Stockholm, National Theatre of Istanbul, Enparts Project Biennale Venezia, Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf.  She also teaches movement for actors at the National School
of Drama in Thessaloniki and Athens.  graduated from the Laban Centre of Movement and Dance in London.  Since 1993 she has collaborated as a choreographer and dancer with “Οκτανα Dance Theatre”, the National Theatre of Northern Greece, Dance Theatre and the National Theatre in Athens.
She works as a freelance choreographer for the theatre in the National Theatre in Thessaloniki and Athens. She has also collaborated as a choreographer with director Nikita Milivoyevitch in Bitef Theatre, Belgrade, Richstheater Stockholm, National Theatre of Istanbul, Enparts Project Biennale Venezia, Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf.  She also teaches movement for actors at the National School
of Drama in Thessaloniki and Athens.

Lambros Pigounis lives in Athens and specialises in the field of contemporary classical and electroacoustic composition. He studied violin and theory of music at the Greek Conservatoire in Athens. From 1998-2001 he studied electroacoustic composition at the University of Hertfordshire. While he was working on his degree, he pursued additional studies with Jonathan Harvey, Javier Alvarez, Jonty Harrison and Ambrose Field. He continued his studies at the City University of London, where he completed an MA in Electroacoustic Composition supervised by Simon Emmerson and Denis Smaley.  Additional studies include also seminars and masterclasses in the field of computer algorythmic composition, and violin improvisation for theatre and dance.  He has appeared in concerts and festivals, such as the Laban’s Dance Festivals, Greenwich and Docklands International Festival, the Northern Exposure of Contemporary Dance and Video Festival, the Mercat de les slors in Barcelona, the International Platform of Arts in Portugal, the DAL NIENTE 3 Projects in London, Synch Festival in Athens, Athens Digital W eek Festival, Moving Silence Festival.  His main artistic activities are collaborations with musicians, directors and choreographers. His recent works also include the audio programming and consultancy in the performance “ΑΩ”, Palace theater 2008, and the interactive development of the “dreamgrove.org” sound installation at the Athens Byzantine Museum and the Biennale of Hong Kong (2008-2009) as well as several other commissions for the theatre. He is currently preparing for a Research PhD focusing on the input of the human agent in electroacoustic composition and performance, based on interactive compositional models.

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Θεατρική παράσταση «Η κουζίνα της Πλαθ»
Στα πλαίσια του 3ου X-Dream Festival η ομάδα ODC παρουσιάζει τη νέα της δουλειά «Η κουζίνα της Πλαθ» στο Ίδρυμα ARTos στις 14 και 15 Δεκεμβρίου 2011 στις 8:30 μ.μ.Επειδή, η στροφή στην ποίηση είναι απαραίτητη στις μέρες που ζούμε, το έργο της Σύλβια Πλαθ «Τρεις γυναίκες, ένα ποίημα, τρεις φωνές», έγινε η αφετηρία για να στήσει η σκηνοθέτης Έλλη Παπακωνσταντίνου μια απρόβλεπτη περφόρμανς μέσα σε μια... κουζίνα. Εκεί, όπου διαδραματίστηκαν τα κρισιμότερα επεισόδια της ζωής της ποιήτριας, οι περφόρμερς Μαρία Πανουργιά,  Άντριαν Φρίλινγκ και  Βάλια Παπαχρήστου μαγειρεύουν δείπνο για τους θεατές, ενώ ταυτόχρονα κινούνται στο ξέφρενο εξπρεσιονιστικό  κόσμο της Πλαθ.

Μαζί τους ο μουσικός Λάμπρος Πηγούνης δημιουργεί επί τόπου ακραίες ηχητικές συνθήκες παγιδεύοντας με σένσορες το περιβάλλον της κουζίνας και παρεμβαίνοντας δυναμικά στον ποιητικό λόγο...Στο τέλος της performance οι ηθοποιοί σερβίρουν τους θεατές. Ακολουθεί δείπνο.

Μετάφραση: ΟΔC
Σύλληψη-Σκηνοθεσία: Έλλη Παπακωνσταντίνου
Μουσική Σύνθεση: Λάμπρος Πηγούνης
Κίνηση: Αμάλια Μπέννετ
Σκηνικά: Αλεξάνδρα Σιάφκου, Τέλις Καρανάνος
Φωτισμοί: ΟΔC

ODC Ensemble
Η μη κερδοσκοπική εταιρεία ODC Ensemble ιδρύθηκε το 2001 με έδρα της την Αθήνα. Πρόκειται για μια δημιουργική ομάδα περφόρμερς, χορευτών, μουσικών και εικαστικών καλλιτεχνών. Αυτή η διαπολιτισμική και διεπιστημονική ομάδα εξελίσσεται συνεχώς με έναν πυρήνα Ελλήνων περφόρμερς, οι οποίοι συνεργάζονται με καλλιτέχνες από τη Μεγάλη Βρετανία, τη Γερμανία και τη Γαλλία.

Μέσω της δουλειάς τους, στοχεύουν να αναπτύξουν τη πολιτισμική ανταλλαγή μεταξύ καλλιτεχνών από διαφορετικά υπόβαθρα και προσδοκούν να επεκτείνουν την αναζήτησή τους σε νέες περιοχές. Πιστεύουν στην ανάγκη για πειραματισμό στο θέατρο και είναι σε αναζήτηση μιας νέας θεατρικής γλώσσας που θα ξεπερνάει τα γλωσσικά εμπόδια, ερευνώντας τις έννοιες της αφήγησης και της μουσικότητας στα πλαίσια ενός συνόλου.

Οι παραστάσεις της ODCensemble έχουν παρουσιαστεί στο Φεστιβάλ του Εδιμβούργου, στο LAMAMA θέατρο της Νέας Υόρκης, στο Διεθνές Φεστιβάλ Πειραματικού Θεάτρου στο Κάιρο, στο Διεθνές Φεστιβάλ Αρχαίου Δράματος στους Δελφούς, στο 1ο Διεθνές Φεστιβάλ του Κουρδιστάν, στο Πανεπιστήμιο του Princeton, στην Όπερα του Καΐρου, στο Εθνικό Θέατρο της Ελλάδας, στην τελετή εγκαινίων της βιβλιοθήκης της Αλεξάνδρειας κ.λπ. 

Έχει λάβει εξαιρετικές κριτικές:

«Συνολικά τρελό και γοητευτικό… Δείτε το για να το πιστέψετε». 
The Guardian

«Μια σημαντική περφόρμανς με μια αληθινά ενδιαφέρουσα και αναζωογονητική προσέγγιση στο αρχαίο ελληνικό κείμενο» 

«Ένα μίγμα θεάτρου και μουσικής, μια επίδειξη που δεν μπορεί να μείνει απαρατήρητη» 

Παραστάσεις: Τετάρτη 14 και Πέμπτη 15 Δεκεμβρίου 2011 στις 8:30 μ.μ.

Εισιτήρια: €12
Κρατήσεις: 22 445 455 

Χορηγοί                                                                                          Χορηγός επικοινωνίας     
Υπουργείο Παιδείας και Πολιτισμού - Πολιτιστικές Υπηρεσίες          Avant Garde

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